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People that live in Boise, love living in Boise. But don't take our word for it, check out what local Boise residents have to say:
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In 2005, I was offered a transfer by my employer from Phoenix to Boise. My first response was laughter, as I pictured a small town with nothing to offer. Boy was I wrong! It was love at first sight and now we cannot imagine living anywhere else. Ever.
Jeanne Sheldon
originally from Phoenix, Arizona
Idaho is the best kept secret in the country.
Dyan Loya
originally from Washington, D.C.
I grew up in California but moved to Washington as a young adult. During my stay in Washington, I would frequently visit my brother in Boise who had relocated to Idaho with his company. After the 1st visit I fell in love with all that Idaho has to offer and vowed to move my family here. Now we're here and I've never looked back
Debby Queen
originally from California
I came to Boise kicking and screaming from Newport Beach California. That was 15 years ago and I've never considered moving back!
Jill Potter
originally from Newport Beach, California
I arrived in Boise from the Chicago suburbs as a teenager when my Dad's company moved us here, and I knew immediately that this was an ideal place to live. My own career has allowed me to live and travel all over the world, and yet I keep coming back to Boise. I may be a native Buckeye, but Boise will always be HOME!
Phil Mount
originally from Chicago
Boise in the News
Boise consistently ranks in the top ten of best places to live and do business. Here are a few examples of recognition:
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Boise ranked the best overall town in the Western United States - “Boise, to put it mildly, has been on a roll. Government, education, and health care remain core industries, but dozens of high-tech startups have moved to town, joining behemoths like Hewlett-Packard and Micron Technology.”
Outside Magazine, August 2010
Boise recognized as one of the top ten cities in the West - “It's a high-tech center, one of the best places in the country to start a business. And the great skiing at Bogus Basin doesn't hurt.”
Life Magazine, June 2010
Boise cited as the sixth best city in the United States for business - “It's four seasons here but it's not arduous weather. Boise has a diverse economy, and has proven to be an incubator for entrepreneurs, as evidenced by its high concentration of Russell 2000 companies.”
MarketWatch.com, December 2009
Boise ranks fourth on top ten list of best places to live - ”To hit the thriving local arts scene, cruise downtown. Boise's free "Alive After Five" concert series brings musicians and other entertainers to the Grove Plaza each Wednesday during the summer.”
US News, June 2009
Boise makes the grade. Recognized as a top ten city for business and careers - “For the fourth straight year, Boise landed in the top 5 in what may be the most prestigious of city rankings compiled by national business magazines. A high Forbes ranking provides a marketing tool for state and local business recruiters like the Idaho Commerce Department and the Boise Valley Economic Partnership.”
Forbes, March 2009
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A beautiful spring day overlooking Boise from The Depot.
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Boise Fast Facts
Population: 616,561
Median age: 35.3 years
Median home price: $169,700
Crime 41% lower than national average
Cost of living 4.60% lower than the national avaerage
     Average December high temp: 37.5 °F
     Average December average temp: 30.7 °F
     Average December low temp: 24.0 °F
     Average July high temp: 91.2 °F
     Average July average temp: 75.8 °F
     Average July low temp: 60.4 °F
     Average annual snowfall: 19 inches
     Average 3 inches of snow per storm
Average of 20.1 students per teacher
Unemployment rate lower than the national average
Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Micron Technology have offices in Boise
     White alone - 83.5%
     Hispanic - 8.5%
     Asian alone - 3.3%
     Two or more races - 3.2%
     Black alone - 1.2%
     American Indian alone - 0.3%      Other race alone - 0.05%

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